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Intro UnCarved Block Program

Train to be more comfortable in your own skin. This core 8 week introductory course will help you breathe better to stand better and stand better to move better.

Class Outcomes:

  • Develop effective recovery strategies to stress.
  • Learn the cultural forces that influence emotion and posture.
  • Understand how meditation, stretching and breathing relate to relaxation.
  • Establish daily mind-body routine to improve fitness and gain core strength.
  • Improved muscle tone and range of motion.

Class duration: 1 hour. 8 weekly classes. 8 total class hours.

Class format: Small group 60% lecture and 40% practicum. This material is also offered as a  self paced online course.

Class size: Minimum 8 adult participants. Maximum is 18. This class will not be held with less than 8 participants.

Prerequisites: None, anyone can attend.

More on the "UnCarved Block":

If you were to meet someone who understands great plainness, who subscribes to nonaction and [復朴] returns to the simplicity of the unhewn log, who embodies his nature and embraces his spirit, so as to wander through the common world, you would really be surprised!" (Zhuangzi - 12, tr. Mair 1994:112-113)