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In war a retreat is nothing more than a rearward advance. If something isn't working we move rearward to find another way to move forward. Our mind-body work requires a break from routine and our retreats are provided to help make change permanent. Select a retreat to see details and pricing. Each class is aligned to one or more ongoing studies.

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Private training with Kelley Graham for individuals and small groups (4).

Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 1:30pm to 4:30pm

We all experience stress. Over time we develop painful habits to compensate. Learn to undo these painful habits.

What if the tool you use to relieve stress was designed to make you stronger and more resilient? What if the same tool helped you better meet the demands of modern life? Standing Meditation is just such a training tool.

Topics include: lifestyle changes, satisfaction and motivation, neuroplasticity, anatomy and fitness.

You will learn:

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Elite athletes know maximum performance is achieved with mental practice, not solely physical development. In this retreat, you will learn to apply neuro-based fitness (NBF) methods to any training regimen. In order to schedule this event, we need 11 persons minimum, 17 maximum.


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This fantastic retreat is designed for the whole family. Cost is per family. We need 3 families for the event to work. Attendance is strictly limited to 15 persons total.

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We are now planning retreat(s) for the 2018-2019 winter season. This event is open to 3-5 families with a maximum of 12 participants. All ages and ski abilities are welcome to attend, however, keep in mind that this is an all-day intensive meditation retreat.

Call Kelley to discuss (520) 770-1200 for possible dates and event details.