If You Train You Will Change

Kelley Graham's UCB Program is the result of a lifetime of deep inquiry into the human condition. The best Chinese esoteric methods meet Western neuroscience. Contact the deep inner landscape of your body to safely learn Meditation and Tai Chi Chuan. These mind-body practices are fully endorsed as effective for health by mainstream medical professionals. Look over our curriculum and call for an intake interview. Train to be fit. Train to be more comfortable in your own skin. Also. because fun.

How Do I Access The Class Archive?

Plex Media Server is used to deliver archived classes. Here's how to get access.

  1. You must be an 'Ongoing' student or have been personally invited by Sifu Kelley
  2. Go to https://plex.tv and create a free web account, do not install a Plex Server (unless you want one). If you want more streaming options, sign up for their excellent PlexPass
  3. Contact me with the email address or username you provided to create the Plex account
  4. I will send you an invite via Plex
  5. Login and 'Launch' the web app. There's a big button
  6. Approve my invite
  7. Find your content. Look for a server called 'KG's Media'

Enjoy your training!

UCB Strength and Cardio

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Weekly Live workouts with Sifu Kelley. Apply the UCB 5 Movement Primitives to practice footwork, kicking and punching. you will get strong and flexible.

TCB - ARCS Method

Baby Circulation

Rediscover Natural Power and Grace

TCB - Tai Chi Boost is a series of gentle movements comprising a 'form' that improves posture and balance. Our neuroscience-based meditation methods increase mental strength. You can improve your mind-body integration to discover and maintain a new normal.

Subscribe to UCB Social

It costs (alot) to provide private, no-ads social media. Please subscribe to help support UCB Social. Optional :) Choose an amount. There is no difference between different payments. Paying more doesn't get you more. For those who use more resources, some will feel better paying more. New features and capacity will happen more quickly if more people contribute.

The Fighting Form


Forms are a series of movements that embody essential concepts. Express the mental models of transformation and the movement primitives as you work fighting scenarios. Fighting forms are asymetrical. Train each side. Listen to your body during warmups in order to determine weakness. Train your weak side more.

Fighting Concepts:

  • Raise Drill, Fall and Overturn
  • Gather and Disperse
  • Scissors
  • Reversability

Rule of Threes:

The 5 Mental Models of Transformation


Can you get from here to there without a map? Without a clear path you are lost. Mind-Body training without a destination is lost time. The UnCarved Block Program provides a method to transform yourself. To become more comfortable in your own skin. To be more powerful and relaxed. Get more energy to live better. Return To The UnCarved Block.

What is Internal Practice?

Chinese Martial Arts are sometimes divided into two adversarial camps: Internal vs External. This has always bothered me as it is usually in some kind of advert where I see these terms. Over the years as I have kept abreast of anatomy, neuroscience research and related disciplines as part of ongoing professional development, I have always looked to resolve what I perceive a false distinction. In 2010, I published a draft definition of internal practice in my FAQ. Since then I have been fortunate to receive feedback and continue to refine the language.

Do You Have Uniforms, Ranking or Belts?

Ranking and belts, no. My UCB Program has 5 levels of accomplishment. Uniforms, not so much. Students can display their membership and level, optionally, on training shirts or street clothes. On the left sleeve is a low contrast UCB logo, indication of membership and level. New students have logo only. Only members can wear the logo. You can add your name if you want.

Each level is denoted by a simple vertical bar. Levels are:

  1. Standing
  2. Stillness
  3. Pearls
  4. Bones
  5. Emptiness

Instructors receive a circle. That's it.

See the embroidered shirt listing to buy.

UCB Program 8 Week Intro

Breathe->Stretch->Move. Train to be more comfortable in your own skin. This core 8 week introductory course will help you breathe better to stand better and stand better to move better.

Intro To Standing Meditation

Salk Institute

We all experience stress. Over time we develop painful habits to compensate. Learn to undo these painful habits.

Tai Chi Breath

Beijing Lion

The breath is the smallest movement. Breathing is a rhythm and a skill. During trauma, your rhythm interrupted and changed. Reestablishing your healthy rhythm is critical for full recovery and provides opportunity for improvement. Central to maintaining health, good lymphatic circulation is dependent solely on movement. This course helps to establish a new view of the breath movement as a balancing lymphatic pump. This course is for anyone.



Unbreakable Center

Unbreakable Anamorphic

There is no avoiding stress. What if stress made you stronger? Our mind-body training is designed to help you meet the demands of modern life. Keep your Unbreakable Centertm.

What Do You Mean By 'Natural Power & Grace'?


"I've been thinking about 'grace'. 'Grace' (capitalized) represnts some kind of spiritual experience; 'grace' has something to do with harmoniously integrated movement... what do you consider to be 'Natural Grace', is it both of these or one?"


Yes to both. I chose that word carefully. I feel that the purpose of training is to enrich all aspects of life's experience. For those on a spiritual path, the method is useful, for those who are not, still equally useful. Insight and truth are non-denominational. :) 

My methods emphasize the ability to engage and develop the parts of the brain associated with intention, will, restraint, discipline, empathy, compassion and insight. These things arise from deeper awareness. The result of this process is that a person strives to behave well and in accordance with the highest standards in any context. Professional, personal, private, spiritual, physical... Whatever the context, 'grace', is apparent.

'Natural' means arising from our genetic and cultural inheritance. The work is to discover these relations for ourselves. The joy is in the expression of these relations through thought and action. Hard work results in profound insight. 'Grace' connotes dignity and composure under stress. especially when taken in context with 'power'. 'Power' is central to complete and nuanced understanding of the phrase. This is a big topic.

Good question, thank you.

UCB Mind-Body Inventory

Monument Valley Sunset After Sandstorm

This authentic practice increases performance while calming the mind. Prerequisites: None

UCB Program Benefits

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Our mind-body training helps you be more comfortable in your own skin. You will learn to breathe better to stand better and stand better to move better. You will condition deep structural tissues to safely develop internal power. You will be more powerful and relaxed while naturally activating the parts of the brain associated with higher consciousness, empathy, compassion, and insight.