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Our Mind-Body Curriculum

Walk the path of authentic lifelong self cultivation. We use mind-body training methods to build our awareness. The result of this awareness is to be more at ease, comfortable and engaged in every aspect of life. 

Begin your adventure of self discovery with the Science of Happiness 6 Week Course.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Meditation - detailed instruction in seated, standing and moving meditation
  • Bodywork -  improved posture, joint alignment, core strength and range of motion
  • Chinese Internal Martial Art - I Liq Chuan, The Martial Art of Awareness and all supporting neigong methods

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Core Curriculum

The core of our curriculum is Chin Family I Liq Chuan. I Liq Chuan is a wonderful and complete system of self defense and self cultivation. All genuine Chinese internal martial arts adhere closely to Taoist (Tai Chi) philosophy, concepts and principles. I Liq Chuan is known as 'The Martial Art of Awareness' due to the strong emphasis on deep mental development. This means that every physical movement and posture fits clearly within the philosophy that includes dropping habitual patterns, harmonious change with all conditions, non aggression and non violence. I Liq Chuan also rests firmly on Chan (Zen) Buddhist Philosophy to help guide our mental and physical development with precision and rigor.

To depict the ultimate principles of the universal laws of no truth and no untruth state,
the mind should be observed
with awareness.

To adapt to the vicissitude of time and space to no present and no un-present state,
force should be harmonized with awareness.

Our local school is part of an international organization. Many students travel extensively to train and find a home abroad with their I Liq Chuan family. The Tucson ILC 7 Day Winter Retreat is one of these international training events.