The Fighting Form


Forms are a series of movements that embody essential concepts. Express the mental models of transformation and the movement primitives as you work fighting scenarios. Fighting forms are asymetrical. Train each side. Listen to your body during warmups in order to determine weakness. Train your weak side more.

Fighting Concepts:

  • Raise Drill, Fall and Overturn
  • Gather and Disperse
  • Scissors
  • Reversability

Rule of Threes:

  1. Train for Three, as there is always more then one
  2. Cubed Difficulty, Each addition person = effort3
  3. Fight Fast, Down in One, Down in Two, Down in Three

The Fighting Form Sequence:

  1. Raise Wrists
  2. Double Twist To Guard
  3. Clear to One Leg Stand
  4. Ram, Slap and Wrap To Center
  5. Step Back and Slap and Wrap To Center
  6. Kick, Center Punch, Shuffle Step
  7. Pound and Slice Down to Gather
  8. Step Forward and Slice Up To Cross To Disperse
  9. Bend To Corner
  10. Turn Around, Slap Down to Clear
  11. Raise Drill, Fall and Overturn, Live step. Three Times
  12. Drop to Pass, Bend to Slap Ground