If You Train, You Will Change

Kelley Graham's mind-body training is the result of a lifetime of deep inquiry into the human condition. The best Chinese esoteric methods meet Western science. Safely learn Meditation and Tai Chi Chuan. These pratices are fully endorsed as effective for health by mainstream medical professionals. Look over our neuro-based curriculum, then call for an intake interview.


UnCarved Block Program Intro

It is possible to become more comfortable in your own skin. This 8 week introductory course will help you to move better to feel better, breathe better to stand better and stand better to move better.

Class Outcomes:

  • Develop effective recovery strategies to stress.
  • Learn the cultural forces that influence emotion and posture.
  • Understand how meditation, stretching and breathing relate to relaxation.
  • Establish daily mind-body routine to improve fitness and gain core strength.
  • Improved muscle tone and range of motion.

Class duration: 1 hour. 8 weekly classes. 8 total class hours.

Class format: Small group 60% lecture and 40% practicum. This material is also offered as a  self paced online course.

Class size: Minimum 8 adult participants. Maximum is 18. This class will not be held with less than 8 participants.

Prerequisites: None, anyone can attend.

More on the "UnCarved Block":

If you were to meet someone who understands great plainness, who subscribes to nonaction and [復朴] returns to the simplicity of the unhewn log, who embodies his nature and embraces his spirit, so as to wander through the common world, you would really be surprised!" (Zhuangzi - 12, tr. Mair 1994:112-113)


Intro to Standing Meditation - Half Day Retreat

We all experience stress. Over time we develop painful habits to compensate. Learn to undo these painful habits.

What if the tool you use to relieve stress was designed to make you stronger and more resilient? What if the same tool helped you better meet the demands of modern life? Standing Meditation is just such a training tool.

Topics include: lifestyle changes, satisfaction and motivation, neuroplasticity, anatomy and fitness.

You will learn:

Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Unbreakable Center - 4 Week Intro

What if your stress could be used to make your stronger?

Our neuro-based training is designed to help you better meet the demands of modern life. Keep your Unbreakable Centertm.

Prerequisites: None

Be Unbreakable

What Do You Mean By 'Natural Power & Grace'?

A question was asked:

"I've been thinking about 'grace'". 

"'Grace' (capitalized) represnts some kind of spiritual experience; 'grace' has something to do with harmoniously integrated movement."

"...what do you consider to be 'Natural Grace', is it both of these or one?"

Kelley responds -

Yes to both. I chose that word carefully to describe my approach to training. The meaning depends on the student's expectations.

I feel that the purpose of my training is to enrich all aspects of life's experience. For those on a spiritual path, the method is useful, for those who are not, still equally useful. Concepts like insight and truth are non-denominational. :) 

Our methods emphasize the ability to engage and develop the parts of the brain associated with intention, will, restraint, discipline, empathy, compassion and insight. In short, deeper awareness. The result of this process is that a person strives to behave well and in accordance with the highest standards in any context. Professional, personal, private, spiritual, physical... Whatever the context, 'Natural Grace', is apparent.

'Natural' means arising from our genetic and cultural inheritance. The work is to discover these relations for ourselves. The joy is in the expression of these relations through thought and action. Hard work results in profound insight. 'Grace' connotes dignity and composure under stress. especially when taken in context with 'Power'. 'Power' is central to complete and nuanced understanding of the phrase.  Subscribe to my podcast for more.

Good question, thank you.

Mind-Body Basics - 6 Week Class

This authentic practice invigorates the body while calming the mind. Each class is 1/3 seated meditation, 1/3 standing meditation and 1/3 moving meditation.