Tai Chi Foundations 8 Week Course

Students explore the cultural context of Chinese esoteric practice and learn to view such practices as systems of lifelong self-cultivation. This approach leads to richer and more effective training experiences.

Academic topics include:

  • Taoism, Tai Chi principles, Tai Chi Chuan & Internal Martial Arts
  • Chinese history and religion before Taoism and I Ching
  • Taoist readings
  • Taoist and Buddhist readings from Art and Poetry
  • Tai Chi Martial Classics, Lineages and Practice
  • Comparisons with Western thought and physical culture

Authentic Mind-Body practice includes:

  • Seated meditation
  • Standing meditation
  • Neigong (Qigong)

Each class consists of 20 minutes of academic lecture, 20 minutes of group discussion and 20 minutes of Mind-Body practice. Weekly home readings are assigned. Prequisites: none.

SENIORS: This class is eligible for a 30% seniors 55+ discount. Simply enter '55+30' in the coupon box.